Ferrari 456M

Ferrari 456M Unlike most Ferrari models, past and present, the 456M GT is a 2+2 berlinetta coupe, which means it has a snug two-place rear seat in addition to the customary front buckets. As the company puts it, this is “the evolution of a very popular concept amongst Ferrari clients who want a real Ferrari with the practicality of rear seats for two additional passengers.”

In contrast to the mid-engine 360 Modena, Ferrari’s least costly model that is equipped with a V-8 behind the seats, the 456M GT has a V-12 engine mounted up front. The list price for the 456M GT is $226,975, while the automatic-transmission GTA goes for $232,170. That makes the 456M Ferrari’s most expensive model in the U.S. market at least until the 550 Barchetta goes on sale in spring 2001.